The history of the Volusia County Farm Bureau has not been documented very well throughout the years.

Executive Director Bill Hester began researching the history. He uncovered minutes from board meetings dating back to June 9, 1944. At that time, A. Spalding was the Volusia County Farm Bureau president. When Mr. Spalding stepped down for health reasons on Dec. 8, 1944, Ben Nordman took his place as president.

At the 1945 Annual Meeting, the board voted to change the number of directors from 19 to 9.

Gene Kepler served as president from 1945-46. Joe Morres served in 1947, and Tom Stewart in 1948. Then the record suddenly stops with no reason stated in the final minutes.

The records pick up again beginning in February, 1956 when Clyde Hart and Clarence Carter moved and seconded for the renewed Volusia County Farm Bureau. In those meeting minutes, the reason for the inactive years is accounted for. George Fullerton of Oak Hill stated the problem as poor travel facilities and lack of interest during the war years.

The 1956 board members included Ira Barrow, George Fullerton, Clyde Hart, Walter Dobbin, Johnny Sixma and Paul Fearington.

Past Volusia County Farm Bureau presidents are noted as; Clyde Hart (1957-58), Earl Ziebarth, Sr. (1959-67), Elvin Daugharty (1967-68) Tommy Lawrence, Sr. (1969-71), Leo Nordman (1972-73), Bill Hester (1974-76), Larry Hagstrom (1976-78), Michael Braddock (1979-80). Bill Hester (1981-82), Ken Hoblick (1982), J. Daniel Peterson (1985-86), Winkie LeFils (1987-88), Leo Nordman (1989-90)

Leo Nordman was introduced as a new board member in on Feb. 1, 1966. William McDonald was elected to the board Sept. 6, 1966. Bill Hester came on the board April 4, 1967.  Michael Braddock joined the board in December 1970.

There are many more names that have entered and exited the various positions with the Volusia County Farm Bureau over the years. Each one has made a mark. But there has to be more behind-the-scenes history other than these brief notes from meeting minutes. Can you help?

Share your knowledge of the history of this organization. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Please send an e-mail detailing what you know, including any photos to vcfbnews@yahoo.com.