What we stand for –

Volusia County Farm Bureau is a non-profit agency that lends support to agriculture producers. It promotes agriculture in the community and it promotes a rural way of life.

Assisting local farmers –

Local farmers can join together inside the Volusia County Farm Bureau. Working together, they gain valuable knowledge about their industry. Unlike years past where everyone knew which farmers grew what and most people bought their produce locally, today’s consumer needs to be educated.

The Volusia County Farm Bureau helps ag producers learn how to communicate with consumers through various meetings with industry experts. Members can also participate in educational meetings given by the Florida Farm Bureau.

Legislation –

In local government issues, in Tallahassee and in Washington DC, the Volusia County Farm Bureau tackles legislation that affects local farmers. The Volusia County Farm Bureau helps detail problems particular to the county’s agriculture producers to elected government officials. They also actively educate Volusia County Farm Bureau members on important legislative decisions as each comes up.

Education –

Besides working for the local agriculture producers, the Volusia County Farm Bureau focuses on supporting the next generation of farmers. They give mini-grants to agriculture educators in the school system and the Volusia County Farm Bureau provides scholarships to college-bound students. Representatives of the Volusia County Farm Bureau volunteer their time to read to elementary school students in the annual state-wide Ag. Literacy Day program.

Farmers Market

On Wednesdays, the Volusia County Farm Bureau organizes and directs the Wednesday Farmers Market held at the Volusia County Fairgrounds. The largest and possibly oldest market in Volusia County is filled with vendors selling locally-grown produce. Locals and tourists alike enjoy shopping the fresh selection at better-than-grocery-store prices.

Non-farmers benefit too –

While agriculture is always highlighted, you don’t have to be a farmer to benefit from being a member of the Volusia County Farm Bureau. Members who don’t make their living on the land get discounts on everything from theme park tickets and special food items, to discounts on new vehicles. The Volusia County Farm Bureau promotes a rural way of life, centered around old-fashioned family values. It’s a great place for non-farm families to be. (See the membership section on this website for everything Volusia County Farm Bureau offers its non-farming members.)

Explore the Volusia County Farm Bureau’s website and enjoy learning more about your food and who grows it.